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Senior Master
William Ashcraft
6th Degree Blackbelt in Taekwondo

Our Classes


  1. Taekwondo
    A Korean martial art known for its dynamic jumping and spinning kicks, combined with hand and foot self-defense techniques. It is known as one of the most popular martial arts in America today, especially with it's introduction into the 2000 Olympic games. AAMAF has a family friendly yet challenging curriculum designed for ages 4- adult.
  2. Judo
    A japanese martial art designed to teach you to use your opponents weight and balance against them rather than forcing your will onto them. This martial art, based off of grappling and self defense teaches great life skills and drastically improves self confidence.
  3. Advanced Taekwondo
    Designed for ages 13 and older, this class is designed to take our AAMAF martial artists training to the next level.
  4. Boxing Bootcamp
    Offered out of AAMAF a total body workout focusing on heavy bag work, boxing technique, mitt work, and strength training. All fitness levels welcome. Hand wraps/ boxing gloves are not required for first class but required for further classes.
  5. Kickboxing Bootcamp
    Offered out of AAMAF and Vandalia Recreation Center, an exciting, fat burning, high energy mix of kickboxing techniques and total body conditioning. Techniques include punching, kicking, knees, and elbows that would be beneficial in a self-defense situation. All fitness levels welcome. Classes offered at AAMAF may also include some heavy bag work. Hand wraps/boxing gloves are not required for first class but required for further classes.